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Transcending Generations of Service: Culaton Family

A year ago, a renewal of vows for a couple who were in their senior years was held at the seminary chapel. I found it sweet that their love endured many decades, yet they were looking at each other as if it was their first time to get married. I was not aware who they were that time, but I found out later that they are Manong Fulgencio and Manang Consolacion Culaton, parents of one of our kitchen personnel. I learned that Manong Fulgencio is considered a pillar of Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary; having served the seminary for more than 60 years. He has seen a great deal of the history of the seminary throughout those years. He was neither a seminarian nor a formator, yet his story is similar to theirs: he was called to be in the seminary for no other reason but to serve.


Nowhere But Here

Casiciaco was originally planned to be in some other part of the Philippines but circumstances led for it to be finally built in its present site, Baguio. Looking back at the original plan, it's quite hard to imagine the place that many people once called home to be in another place.

It was in 1953 that Casiciaco was built to be a retreat house for the religious in the philippines who are having their spiritual exercises. But in 1965 it had undergone some changes to turn it into a house for philosophical studies and novitiate. With 62 years as a building and 50 years as a formation house, its portals welcomed men young and old from all walks of life all of whom heeded the call given by God to live the Recoletos way of life. People may wonder why there is a striking similarity of this edifice with those on San Sebastian Convent in Manila, and Puerto Princesa Cathedral in Palawan; its because it was designed by one man, Arch. Arturo Manalac. All of whom were built within a decade after the end of the second world war.

CaReS Family Apostolate Fosters 24 Neophytes

CasiciacoRecoletos Seminary – The community, together with the Family Apostolate members, gathered at the Our Lady of the Pillar Chapel for the regular general prayer meeting and the much anticipated distribution of the neophytes to their respective foster families. The gathering started at around two in the afternoon last July27, 2014. Bro. Nero Facelo Bautista and Bro. John Marie Malco hosted the said event.


Demographical Updates

This formation year 2014-2015 maintained its average number of formators and formands. The following present a demographics of the CaReS population.

            The fourth year brothers (Sojourners) started at 30 but after three years, the number decreased because some of them chose to live and discern their lives outside of the seminary. Currently, there are 17 seniors.


CaReS' 24 Aspiring Actors

July 31, 2014 - The Neophytes and a returnee had their audition for “Dulaang Rekoleto” (the seminary’s established group of artists).

The event started around 9:00 pm at the mini-theater. There were twenty-three neophytes and one returnee who showed their talent in acting. The audition started with a prayer through singing lead by Bro. Rex Sayson. Bros. Rem Encenzo and Romel Acebron were emcees for that night's event.


Kumustahan Night Blast

After the opening mass, all the alumni gathered in the seminary refectory for the “Kamustahan”, a special program intended to refresh them of their experiences during the time that they were still seminarians of the institution.

The entire community was serenaded by the all female band The Bean Bag Roasters of Kaffe Klutch. They brought the whole crowd into get-up-and-go stance.