Fr. Boyax

Fr. Boyax

Fr. Boyax Jaranilla, OAR is the IT Coordinator of Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary.

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Core Values

1.      Discipleship – the enthusiasm to live out one’s life as authentic child of God and followers of Augustine.

2.      Community Life – the desire to live in common and finding joy in the company of others.

3.      Love for Truth – the untiring search for truth through studies, research and reflections.

4.      Piety – the hunger for prayer, contemplation, and union with God through the frequent reception of the sacraments.

5.      Moral Integrity – the desire to live a virtuous life worthy of emulation.

6.      Service – the willingness, availability and readiness to share one’s self to brothers and community




            We envision Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary – as a community of students and formation personnel, strongly bound by ties of love, to be a new family of God’s children, co-participants in the same vocation and Augustinian tradition.


            To educate candidates and provide them holistic formation towards the development of persons in their advancement as members of the OAR community, the Catholic church and the global society.


1.      To assist candidates in their gradual transition from secular life to religious life.

2.      To accompany candidates in their Christian formation and in the vocational discernment.

3.      To provide them intellectual formation which will lead them towards the attainment of a degree in philosophy.


The Augustinian Recollect Charism

We are a family whose members come from different cultures. Our proper name is “Augustinian”; our family name is “Recollect”. The former is derived from the famous St. Augustine of Hippo, a restless seeker of truth, teacher of the west, a man who very much ahead of this time, a man who’s Rule we strive to follow and whose spirituality we try to emulate. The latter is our legacy from a group of friars of the second half of the 16th century whom the Spirit of the Lord had inspired with a sincere and intense desire to strive for perfection. We live a mixes life of contemplation and action, of “holy leisure” and “right occupation.” In this way, the first for truth and interiority is harmoniously woven into the apostolate of evangelization. Called by God, we strive to make our life a harmonious expression of a threefold love.


Contemplation is the total and unconditional surrender of the self to God. The Augustinian Recollect religious searches for God and surrenders himself completely to Him.


A Recollect lives in a community whose members strive to live harmoniously with one soul and one heart intent upon God.


A Recollect is an apostle who preaches the Good News of Christ throughout the world. As a contemplative he receives the love of God freely in prayer; as an apostle he shares this love freely with others.

In a special way, a Recollect acquires a dimension of tenderness and human warmth in devotion to and imitation of the Most Holy Virgin, mother and prototype of the Church, incorporated in the mystery of Christ, the perfect example of a life consecrated to God.


Augustinian Recollect Idearium


The Common Life

            The community is built up in the Church of Christ, upon the foundation of charity, as the true family of those who have God as a Father, Christ as a Brother and the Church as a Mother.

            Thus, in the community, nobody has anything as an exclusive possession but all is held in common. They give themselves and all they have to the service of love.

            Among the menbers of the community, there reigns an amicable spirit of life together in Christ. Everyone fosters mutual confidence in open dialogue. They show concern for the sick, console the disheartened, rejoice sincerely for each other's qualities and victories just as if these were their own. They complement one another and unite their efforts in the common task. Each one finds fulfillment in his surrender to others.

            In the practice of the common life, all show themselves to be contented with their vocation and with the company of the brothers so that the sweet fragrance of Christ flows from our communities diffusing itself everywhere.

The Otium Sanctum

            It is termed as the Interiority which is the essential element of the Augustinian Recollect monastic tradition. It embraces the apostolate of searching for truth and its fullest expression as a service to the Church.

            The community ought to be organized so that the apostolic activity and daily accupations leave the brethren sufficient time for study and prayer and the giving of themselves to the Scriptures.



Daily Prayer

            Prayer, “an achievement of intimacy with God, the desire to adore, the will to intercede”, nourishes life and gives greater impulse and fruitfulness to every apostolate.

            Prayer enables the religious to discover the mysterious presence of God in the hearts of men so that all may be loved as brothers.

            By means of prayer, the Spirit of Jesus enables us to perceive the manifesation of love of God in the unfolding of events, thus, establishing the necessary link between life and prayer.


            The commnity dedicates itself paritcularly to the practice of mental prayer, which is closely linked to the tradition of the Order and necessary to attain the vital integrity in man. Mental prayer is also necessary for a fruitful and intimate participation in the public prayer of the Church and of the mystery of the Eucharist.



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