Demographical Updates

This formation year 2014-2015 maintained its average number of formators and formands. The following present a demographics of the CaReS population.             The fourth year brothers (Sojourners) started at 30 but after three years, the number decreased because some of them chose to live and discern their lives outside of the seminary. Currently, there are … Read more

CaReS Family Apostolate Fosters 24 Neophytes

CasiciacoRecoletos Seminary – The community, together with the Family Apostolate members, gathered at the Our Lady of the Pillar Chapel for the regular general prayer meeting and the much anticipated distribution of the neophytes to their respective foster families. The gathering started at around two in the afternoon last July27, 2014. Bro. Nero Facelo Bautista and … Read more

Transitio et Formatio

Graduation in the seminary context is extra special as it does not only mean their college diploma. Even more significant is their commencement to the next level of formation which is the Pre-Novitiate. On March 23, 2014, 17 Seekers received their AB Classical Philosophy diploma while 11 of them took the next step of formation.