Sino ka sa Langit 2022 with Formators

By: Bro. Alvin C. Laserna Jr.

Baguio City—Last November 1, 2022, Casiciaco Recoletos seminarians creatively dressed themselves as they held the annual seminary event, Sino ka sa Langit.

What made this year’s Sino ka sa Langit remarkable was the participation of some formators in the program.

Imitating Models of Faith: A Counter-Cultural Endeavor

In his opening remarks, Rev. Fr. Anthony P. Irineo, OAR, the Vice-Prior of the community and the seminary Dean of Studies, mentioned everyone’s tendency to imitate some personalities whom one idolizes.

“Instead, however, of imitating some superheroes and their powers, Sino ka sa Langit paves the way for imitating the virtues of the saints,” Fr. Irineo said.

Fr. Irineo also shared the life and virtues one can get from the life of his favorite saint, Anthony of Egypt.

Rev. Fr. Jessriel Marcha, OAR, the Master of Postulants, in his closing remarks, also remarked that the event unfolded was counter-cultural from the secular activities. This is because of the observance that secular people are fond of dressing themselves as horrifying creatures in their Halloween parties.

Rev. Fr. Anthony P. Irineo, OAR delivering his opening remarks.
Rev. Fr. Jessriel Marcha, OAR in his closing remarks.

Salvation History in Sino ka sa Langit 2022

As for the case of the seminarians, they portrayed saints whom they consider to have played a huge role in salvation history.

The fourth-year brothers (Batch Seraphs) were tasked to portray figures in the Old Testament. The third-year class (Batch Liberators) impersonated the apostles in the New Testament. The second-year seminarians (Batch Radiants) showcased saints in the Early Church up to the Reformation period. Lastly, the first-year level (Batch Preachers) imitated various saints after the Reformation.

The Top Three Seminarians. (from left to right) Bro. Johny Lasponia, Bro. Bonnie de Guzman, and Bro Xavier Romeo Emnace.
Bro. Xavier Romeo Emnace as St. Alphonsus Liguori
Bro. Bonnie de Guzman as St. Thomas the Doubter
Bro. Johny Lasponia as Judith

In the end, the top three seminarians who were chosen as the best portrayers were Bro. Johny P. Lasponia from the Batch Seraphs who imitated Judith in the Old Testament (Top 3), Bro. Xavier Romeo Emnace of the Batch Preachers as St. Alphonsus Liguori (Top 2), and Bro. Bonnie de Guzman from the Batch Liberators who heartfully imitated St. Thomas the Doubter (Top 1).

Considering the performances per batch, however, the Batch Seraphs was judged to have the most creative and coherent performance among the batches.

The Batch Seraphs with the SPC Sisters of Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital, Dr. Justina Calibuso, and the religious formators.

Formators as Saints

Some formators also joined the Sino ka sa Langit 2022 and also have their own category to know who among them best portrayed the saints they picked.

Rev. Fr. James Dexter Tanquis, OAR, the Master of the Postulants, imitated the Sleeping Saint Joseph. Rev. Fr. Ralph Laureen Ciceron, OAR, one of the seminary’s spiritual directors, dressed up as Mother Mary Anne de Tilly, one of the pioneers of the St. Paul de Chartres (SPC) Sisters. Rev. Fr. Allan Jacinto, OAR, Provincial Vocation Director, portrayed himself as St. Paul Miki who prepared the whole day for his props. Lastly, Rev. Fr. Jessriel Marcha, OAR imitated one of the Augustinian saints, St. Sebastian.

After the presentations, Fr. Ciceron as Mother Mary Anne de Tilly was ranked the best among the formators.

Apart from the formators and seminarians, three SPC Sisters of the Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital, Baguio, were present, two of whom served as judges in the event along with Dr. Justina Calibuso, the seminary physician.

The community was not just entertained but also informed of the different values and roles of the saints each one has portrayed.

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