Confraternidad Cristo Jesús Rey del Universo: “Kings of Quiz Bee”

By: Bro. Alvin C. Laserna Jr.

BAGUIO CITY— Confraternidad Cristo Jesus Rey del Universo proved themselves to be the Kings of Quiz Bee by winning for the fourth time Jornadas de Filosofia 2022, last April 1, 2022, on the fifth day of Jornadas de Filosofia 2022.

Each fraternidad is composed of one student-seminarian per year level. The event is composed of three rounds: the easy round in which every correct answer corresponds to a point, each correct answer in the medium round is equivalent to two points, and the difficult round accounts to three points for each question.

The questions asked in the competitions are taken from the different philosophy subjects.

Rev. Fr. James Dexter Tanquis, OAR, Prefect of Discipline of the aspirants as the quiz master for Jornadas de Filosofia Quiz Bee 2022.

The representatives of Confraternidad Cristo Jesus Rey del Universo are Bro. Jesse Meer E. Alipes from the fourth-year level, Bro. Alvin Laserna Jr. from the third year, and Bro. Ken Joshua Manalo from the second-year level, and Bro. Juan Carlo Macalalag from the first years.


Since the revival of Jornadas de Filosofia last 2019, Confraternidad Cristo Jesus Rey del Universo wins the Philosophical Quiz Bee every single year.

The Confraternidad de Cristo Jesus Rey del Universo. (from left to right) Bro. Ken Joshua Manalo, Bro. Alvin Laserna Jr., Bro. Jesse Meer Alipes, and Bro. Juan Carlo Macalalag

According to Bro. Jesse Meer Alipes, a fourth-year college seminarian and the capo of Confraternidad Cristo Jesus Rey del Universo, it is the team’s way of giving glory to God.

“It’s all God’s Grace. We do not take credit for this achievement, rather it is our way of giving back what God gave to us gratuitously” he said when he was asked about his feeling of winning for four consecutive years.

The Confraternidad Cristo Jesús Rey del Universo won 40 points in the overall tally of scores. Confraternidad de Jesús Nazareno took the second place. Confraternidad de Divina Misericordia and Confraternidad de Sto. Niño Jesus took the third and fourth places respectively.

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