Jornadas de Filosofia 2021 Culminates with Quiz Bee and Awarding Ceremony

Baguio City— The four fraternities of seminarians competed for the last time in the Philosophical Quiz Bee as Jornadas de Filosofia 2021 culminates last April 16, 2021.

A team of four members represented each fraternity from different year levels for the Philosophical Quiz Bee composed of three rounds—easy, average, and difficult.

Fraternidad de Jesus Nazareno and Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia led the first round of the competition after answering correctly all the questions in the easy round but Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo gave their best in the average and difficult rounds taking the lead and later awarded as the Champion.

Participants listen to the mechanics and instructions from the quiz master.

“Honestly, I was not expecting to win,” said Bro. Alvin Laserna a second-year seminarian of Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo.

He also shared that they credit their victory to God, Whom he believes helped his team win the competition.

“All of us were busy with other activities giving us no time to review, but still, it seems that God illumined our minds and enabled us to remember our past lessons. Indeed, it is God’s grace and all glory be His,” he added.

From left to right: Fraternidad de Sto. Niño, Fraternidad de Jesus Nazareno, Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo, and Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia

Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo’s representatives Bros. Jesse Meer Alipes, Alvin Laserna Jr., Heljen Lance Acha, and Juan Carlo Macalalagscored a total of 41 points giving their fraternity the third win for three straight years in the same competition rendering them undefeated.

Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia took the second-place after garnering 25 points, followed by Fraternidad de Jesus Nazareno with 20 points and Fraternidad de Sto. Niño with 17.

Culmination of Jornadas de Filosofia

Present in the culminating activity is the Seminary Rector, Rev. Fr. Bernard Amparado, OAR who gave the opening remarks.

Rev. Fr. Bernard C. Amparado, OAR during the opening remarks of the culminating activity.

“Seeking the truth is human nature but it is continuous and unending,” he said.

The Rector further emphasized the importance of not just seeking the truth but also its application especially in the community.

Due to time constraint, the awarding ceremony was done in the seminary refectory after dinner, attended by the seminarians and the religious formators.

The winners of the activities are as follows:

Bulletin Board Contest- Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia
Essay Writing Contest (English Category)– Bro. Alvin Laserna of Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo
Essay Writing Contest (Filipino Category)- Bro. Jestoni Latagan of Fraterinidad de Divina Misericordia and Bro. Emilio Riego III of Fraternidad de Sto. Niño
Group Extemporaneous Speaking- Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo
Amazing Race- Fraterinidad de Divina Misericordia
Quiz Bee- Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo

Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia was hailed as Jornadas de Filosofia 2021 over-all champion.

Over-all Champions. Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia pose before the camera.

“It was a group effort,” said Bro. Jestoni Latagan, the capo of Fraternidad de Divina Misericordia.

“I know everyone gave their best. In all the activities we joined, everyone had fewer words and more work that gave us of the victory we did not even expect,” he added.

Fraternidad de Cristo Rey del Universo placed second place followed by Fraternidad de Sto. Niño in the third place and Fraternidad de Jesus Nazareno in the fourth place.

The Jornadas de Filosofia (Philosophy Days) is an annual event in the seminary to highlight the intellectual formation, particularly, on philosophical studies of the seminarians. It is usually held towards the end of the second semester.

Jesse Meer Alipes

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