CaReS’ 24 Aspiring Actors

July 31, 2014 – The Neophytes and a returnee had their audition for “Dulaang Rekoleto” (the seminary’s established group of artists).

The event started around 9:00 pm at the mini-theater. There were twenty-three neophytes and one returnee who showed their talent in acting. The audition started with a prayer through singing lead by Bro. Rex Sayson. Bros. Rem Encenzo and Romel Acebron were emcees for that night’s event.

The current members of Dulaang Rekoleto displayed their astonishing drama as they set the mood of the crowds.

“I’m pretty sure that all the neophytes enjoyed my acting and consequently inspired them to be part of our group,” Bro. Jhyryx Gamulo was overheard saying confidently. “Yeah right! You made my night…” Bro. FC Jade Reyes added.

Most of the neophytes gave their best shot on the situation assigned to them. Although there were some who were not serious or were found to be awkward in their acting. “There were some of them who are not really theatrically inclined”, Bro. Mark Julius S. Balansag said.

Bro. James Esplanada dominated the night. There was something in him that really captivated the crowd. According to him, “I just did my best during the audition or maybe it’s a God -given talent which I just discovered here.”

It was a memorable event and the neophytes did bring a smile to the entire community. The event ended at around 10:00 pm.

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Bro. Jay-Jasper Pendon Jamelo

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